Typing for Beginners

In this age of technology and increased focus on computers one of the most important skills a person can have is the ability to comfortably use a computer. No one needs to be an expert but a basic understanding of the Internet and word processing software is a vital skill in just about any potential career. With this comes a need to be able to type efficiently and accurately. This means using all fingers, correct spelling and punctuation in a timely manner and all without looking at the keyboard. For a beginner, such as children, learning to do this is a daunting task. But for years, typing software for children has enabled kids of all ages to learn the necessary typing skills. Programs like Typing for Beginners use games as a teaching tool while ones like Turbo Typing focus on older beginners and use standard drills and instruction without the kid-friendly focus.

Typing for Beginners has long been upheld as one of the premier pieces of typing software for children. From the graphics to the method of instruction and testing the program is geared toward the typing beginner of a young age, or at the oldest, in their teens. Even the main screen of the program is designed like a school classroom. As the skills are taught, the student is then tested through games, disguising the fact that they are taking a test and putting the mind at ease while learning. These Typing for Beginners games are designed with variety in mind. There is little repetition and the objectives and graphics frequently change, keeping the beginning typist from getting bored. While some of the typing lessons for beginners actually veer into more entertainment than learning territory, all are still geared toward mastering some key beginner skill related to the keyboard.

For the older beginning typist who simply wants a no-frills crash-course study in typing, Turbo Typing is the program of choice. Compared to other program choices it is as basic as it gets. Menus are simple and easy to understand and the instructions are the same. There are no real games or entertaining deviations from the lessons. The typist is simply taught the skills and then tested in effective methods such as re-writing samples of work or undergoing speed typing drills. The plus side of Turbo Typing lies in the thoroughness of its lessons. Not only are there drills for anyone from beginners to advanced typists, there are also specific skills tests for anything from complex word speed to exercises focusing on individual fingers.

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