Beware of Insect that Lives Off Your Blood

Maintaining genital health is very important since there are many genital disease that might infect you. Your genital might often have contact with others. That is why it is important to keep it clean so that it would not be easily infected by bacteria or virus that might be dangerous to your health. If you wonder what kind of genital disease that might infect you, it is a must for you to know about Crabs STD. This kind of disease is very dangerous if it occurs in your genital area. Therefore, it is important for you to know its symptoms so that you can prevent it to happen.

Basically, crabs is a kind of tiny insects that live by sucking human blood. It can be found mostly in kids’ hair. However, in some cases, there are adults who are diagnosed with this insects but they live in pubic hair. Even though it is a rare case, it still happens so that you have to take care of your genital area. This phenomena is also called pubic lice. There are several the same pubic lice symptoms you have to know so that you can detect if you are diagnosed to be infected with this insect.

The very visible symptom you might have is itching. All types of lice has this kind of symptom. Or else, you can also find red bumps on the skin that covered with hair. It is simply because the lice sucks your blood in that area. You can also check your underwear in order to check the existence of the lice. If your eyelashes are infected, it is also possible for you to have eyes inflammation. There is no doubt that you should be careful of those symptoms above. You should meet the doctor and get STD treatment if you have crabs on your pubic hair.

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